About me

I am a research mathematician who works at the University of Sydney.
I consider myself as a “forever student of life”, and I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of categorical algebra and representation theory. My research is focused on the various aspects of categorical representation theory (also called 2-representation theory), including its applications and analytic aspects, making me a mathematician standing in between algebra, category theory and topology. The main applications and inspirations of my work are in and come from modular representation theory, low-dimensional topology, algebraic combinatorics, fusion and modular categories, quantum and string physics, group and semigroup theory, cryptography and machine learning.
I am currently working on aspects of 2-representation theory and its applications in cryptography and machine learning, properties of (weighted) KLRW algebras, growth rates in representation theory, dualities in representation theory and I am always interested in a challenge. Reach out to daniel.tubbenhauer@sydney.edu.au to connect!

Contact data

Name: Daniel Tubbenhauer
Position: ARC future fellow
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Email: daniel.tubbenhauer@sydney.edu.au or dtubbenhauer@gmail.com
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Keywords: categorical and 2-representations, categorical algebra, tensor and additive and fusion categories, representation theory, quantum algebra, low-dimensional topology, link homologies
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Pronouns: they/them
Misc: I support and I am part of Pride; I do not need honorific titles - they are decorations only
The University of Sydney
School of Mathematics and Statistics
F07 - Carslaw Building
Office Carslaw 827
NSW 2006, Australia
Phone: +61(0)422528844